Athens: Mount Lycabettus

On our last evening in Athens we took a walk up Mount Lycabettus to see the sun setting on the city from afar…

Mount Lycabbettus

We set up the hill (because it is actually more of a hill than a mountain) early evening, aiming to see the sun set when we got to the top.

Walking up Mount Lycabbettus

Beginning at the bottom, there are various sets of steps which lead onto sloped paths heading to the top. There is also a funicular railway which can take you up or down the hill, but we wanted to walk.

Walking up Mount Lycabbettus

Apparently we had chosen a really beautiful evening! As we climbed, the views of the city became more and more impressive.

Walking up Mount Lycabbettus

You can see the Panathenaic Stadium to the left and the Acropolis to the right, and I think the Temple of Olympian Zeus is in the middle there somewhere – so you can get an idea of how close all the main sights are.

View of Athens from Mount Lycabbettus

We reached the top! It’s not a very hard climb, and only took us about half an hour.

Sky Bar at Mount Lycabbettus

We rewarded ourselves with an espresso martini at the Sky Bar whilst waiting for the light to dwindle.

Michelle drinking an espresson martini at the top of Mount Lycabbettus

We had some beautiful views of the city from the Sky Bar as the sun was going down, bathing everything in a pink and orange light.

Sunset from Mount Lycabbettus Sunset from Mount Lycabbettus

Slowly but surely, the city lights started to come on, as well as the lights at the Acropolis, illuminating it – you can just about see it to the left…

Sunset and view of lit up Acropolis from Mount Lycabbettus

We watched the final sunset standing by the Chapel of St. George along with loads of other people who were doing the same thing. I’d recommend going up for the sunset too, although I think it might get a bit busier in the summer months! 🙂

Sunset and Chapel of St. George at Mount Lycabbettus Chapel of St. George at Mount Lycabbettus

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