Athens: Temple of Olympian Zeus

Our Athens trip continued with finding some more epically-proportioned architecture in the form of the Temple of Olympian Zeus

We had seen the Temple of Olympian Zeus from afar via the many taxi rides we had taken around Athens – you can’t really miss it! So, to keep up the awe-factor after visiting the Acropolis of Athens, we took a closer look.

Entrance to the Temple of Olympian Zeus

The huge temple was built on the site of an old, much smaller, temple for Zeus, and is dedicated to him as head of the Olympian gods. The scale of the thing, even now with most of it missing, is absolutely colossal.

You can see the Acropolis in the distance of this photo, too 🙂 :

Temple of Olympian Zeus with Acropolis of athens in the distance

It was apparently completed around 131 AD after around 600 years of construction. It is thought that it was originally destroyed by an earthquake, after which parts were removed and used as building materials elsewhere in the city.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Out of the original 104 columns, only 16 still remain today, one of which fell down in a storm in the late 1800s. Still, for something that’s been around that long, it’s done pretty well!

Temple of Olympian Zeus pillars

You can see the fallen column in better detail here:

Fallen pillar at the Temple of Olympian Zeus

This isn’t a site which you can spend ages at; we were only here half an hour at most. However, it’s definitely worth seeing if you are in Athens, especially as it’s right in the centre and close to lots of other interesting must-see sites.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

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