Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

One for the peanut butter lovers: rich and indulgent chilled chocolate peanut butter pie. I won’t lie; this is not low calorie in the slightest! No cooking is required, but you will need a food processor…

This is a tweaked recipe from the Whole Earth website; mine adds almonds to the mix to give the pie a crunchy nutty texture, and a coating of chocolate on top because, well, chocolate.

This doesn’t have to be a dessert, it also makes one awesome after-workout breakfast. Along with a side of Greek yogurt, it is fabulous. Give it a try!

Chopped almonds in food processor Medjool dates in food processor The pie mixture transferred to a pan Finished pie with dark chocolate set on top Serving of chocolate peanut butter pie with Greek yogurt and raspberries




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