Ginjams Westbourne

I had the pleasure of receiving an invite to Ginjams Wine & Gin Bar in Westbourne, Bournemouth for a gin tasting event with the Bournemouth Bloggers for World Gin Day 2018. I hadn’t had the chance of checking the bar out yet, so this was the perfect opportunity…

I am already quite the gin fan – I also went on the Dorset Cruises Gin Tasting Cruise last year… twice! So this event had my name written all over it and I was quite excited to see what Ginjams would bring to the gin table, so to speak.

Exterior frontage of Ginjams

Ginjams has been open for almost a year and is run by owners Chris and Tom, who I was able to chat to on the day to find out a little bit of backstory. Chris’s background is in international politics and the wine industry and Tom’s is in architecture and business – so combined, they have some incredible skills to make a bar like this work.

Ginjams interior

The interior of Ginjams is a blogger’s dream – it is bright and airy yet cosy at the same time, with little nooks and crannies to hang out in and gin bottles draped with lush foliage used as feature decoration pieces.

Ginjams interior Ginjams interior and Bournemouth bloggers Decoration inside Ginjams

There is also a cosy garden at the back, which looks like it would be wonderful to hang out in on warm summer evenings.

Ginjams outside garden area

Armed with my Ginjams passport, I set off to try some of the many gin varieties on offer. My plan of action was to sample some of the more unique flavoured gins from around the world – I wasn’t going to drink anything that I had tried before.

Ginjams passport

I honestly didn’t know where to start! Luckily the team were on hand to make some excellent gin cocktail suggestions, paired with Fever Tree tonics.

Fever Tree tonics

Local gins were represented beautifully; see how pretty their packaging is – they even compliment each other!

Rows of local gins

I chose the Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin to start with, which was sweet and refreshing paired with some Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic.

Warner Edwards Botanical Garden Honeybee Gin

Next I went for the Hoxton Coconut Gin – with standard tonic to bring out the delicious coconut flavour which I had never experienced in a gin before.

Hoxton Coconut Gin

I mentioned that I was planning a trip to Japan and the team pointed out that there were actually some Japanese gins on offer, so I tried this KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin. This one has a pretty high alcohol content, but has a delicate taste.

KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin

I spied the Sharish Blue Magic Gin which changes colour from purple to pink when tonic is added – it is indeed magic! I really loved the taste of this one too, so it wasn’t just a gimmick.

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

The last gin I tried was the Audemus Pink Pepper Gin, which was served with pink peppercorns. This had a really unique spicy taste (along the lines of Opihr) and is definitely worth trying – I found it delicious.

Audemus Pink Pepper Gin

Many thanks to the Bournemouth Bloggers and to the team at Ginjams for having us along to experience their gorgeous bar. The team were so helpful and knowledgeable about the drinks they were serving, and gave excellent recommendations.

In the next few months, I plan to bring some friends here for a summer evening drink… or two… or three… 😉

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