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Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge

When I first heard that Cutter & Squidge in London were doing a limited edition Hello Kitty themed afternoon tea, I was there. I booked well in advance for myself and a few friends, and was extremely excited when the day rolled around…

We arrived at Cutter & Squidge for our 5pm booking. It’s a cute little place in Soho and their decoration is adorable. The Hello Kitty afternoon tea runs from June-September 2016 so if you’re interested, get a booking in quick!

Exterior of Cutter & Squidge Hello Kitty shaped bush and chalkboard sign outside Cutter & Squidge

We were given some pink lemonade to sip whilst we were waiting for our table, before being led down to the ‘secret garden‘…

Hello Kitty secret garden wall sign

Look at this cute London themed Hello Kitty map which was on the wall!

Hello Kitty London map

We were led to our table which was in an adorable alcove with faux foliage hanging from the ceiling.

Inside the Hello Kitty secret garden at Cutter & Squidge Hello Kitty wall at Cutter & Squidge

Drink choices included earl grey, breakfast tea, apple pie tea and lychee tea; I went for the apple pie and it was delicious.

Hello Kitty afternoon tea menu

We were able to peruse the menu whilst waiting for our food to arrive; it looked like there was a lot of it coming up! Luckily I had eaten lightly all day, so I was fully prepared to inhale all of the Hello Kitty inspired treats!

Hello Kitty afternoon tea menu

The food came out as two sets of piled up bamboo baskets with five levels; each set of bamboo baskets is supposed to feed two people.

The first level contained cheese and red onion sandwiches, smoked salmon and chive sandwiches, and Hello Kitty head shaped cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.

Hello Kitty shaped sandwiches

The next level was cheese scones with chutney and cream cheese, and coronation crackers. I was a little disappointed that they weren’t sweet scones with jam and cream, but these were a little different and delicious regardless.

Cheese scones with cream cheese and chutney

Onto the sweet stuff! The last three levels made me very glad of the savoury scones! On the first level of dessert, there were strawberry milkshake biskies, vanilla cookies shaped like Hello Kitty’s face, some little squares of chocolate chip cake which didn’t appear to be listed on the menu (they were divine), and little pots of chocolate and green tea sauces/dips.

Hello kitty shaped sugar biscuits, cake squares, green tea and chocolate sauces

On the second level of desserts was squares of Mimmy’s pink lemonade marshmallow (a little too sweet for my taste), strawberries, chocolate cake truffles (a-mazing) and Mimmy’s very jelly kiss (again, a little too sickly sweet).

Marshmallows, chocolate truffles and Hello Kitty shaped jellies

By this point I was actually feeling a little sick, but had to soldier on – the last level of our Hello Kitty afternoon tea contained Mama’s apple pie mousse (I loved the little bow biscuits that came with these) and Kitty’s chocolate mud pie. We actually had ice cream as a very last course too – the fat kid within me was very happy!

Everything on the menu was unlimited, so we ordered a few additional servings of our favourite items (chocolate truffles, sandwiches and coronation crackers) before we called it a day.

Hello Kitty chocolate cakes, and mini trifles with biscuit bows

On the way out, we checked out the other desserts Cutter & Squidge had to offer, including decadent looking cakes, Hello Kitty themed biscuits and Hello Kitty/Cutter & Squidge merchandise.

Biskie selection at Cutter & Squidge Large cakes at Cutter & Squidge Biscuit selection at Cutter & Squidge Large cakes at Cutter & Squidge Biscuit selection at Cutter & Squidge

It was a great experience, and if you get a chance to go before it finishes, please do! It was interesting to see how London does the Hello Kitty experience in comparison to Kyoto in Japan (I went to a Hello Kitty café there last year and it was awesome). Top marks Cutter & Squidge, we enjoyed it immensely 🙂

Hello Kitty merchandise in Cutter & Squidge window

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