Kori Korean Restaurant

I discovered this amazing little Korean restaurant in Bournemouth called Kori. It is quite unassuming from the street so I didn’t really notice it before, and little did I know just how much I was going to enjoy it…

If you know Bournemouth, the restaurant is situated on Holdenhurst Road, opposite the large Staples store. It is a tiny place and be aware that it has very short opening times; from midday until 3pm for lunch and then 5:30 until 9pm every day barring Wednesday and Sunday, when it is closed all day. So bear this in mind if you would like to go!

Exterior of Kori restaurant in Bournemouth

I went with my boyfriend on a Saturday evening. To start, we had these vegetable egg fritters to share which were to die for, and ordered some Soju (a Korean spirit) to eat with our meal. It is like a weak vodka (around 20%).

Korean pancakes and soju at Kori restaurant in Bournemouth

My boyfriend had some Korean fried chicken, which I tried and it was so delicious. The portion was also huge. I would have been jealous but mine was still to come out…

Korean fried chicken, rice and pickes at Kori restaurant in Bournemouth Korean fried chicken at Kori restaurant in Bournemouth

I ordered a dish called ‘omurice‘ which was advertised as being an omelette with rice and vegetables. The rice was stuffed inside of the omelette, with a pile of really delicious cabbage on the side (and I’m not a cabbage fan). It was simple, and it was fabulous. The best part was that the staff drew a smiley face on it with hot sauce! Won me over for sure.

Omurice at Kori restaurant in Bournemouth

So, verdict was that I want to go back, and I want to go back soon. The food was delicious, came out in a timely manner, and the staff were super friendly. Highly recommended!

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