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OXO Tower Brasserie Afternoon Tea

On a recent trip to London, it would have been a shame not to check out one of the City’s offerings for afternoon tea. Purely for scientific reasons of course – who does it better, London or Dorset? The world needs to know, and I’m here to the rescue to find out. We chose the OXO Tower Brasserie, which had been on our wishlist for a while…

Who am I kidding; a plate full of sandwiches and cake is pretty much my idea of heaven, and you will not struggle getting me out to afternoon tea gathering.

So! We made our way up the the 8th floor of the OXO Tower and took our seats in front of the massive windows looking out onto the Thames.

OXO Tower brasserie interior

The attentive wait staff took our tea orders and brought out our savoury plates, topped with ‘Gentleman’s relish’. ‘OXO piccalilli’ and ‘Sweet mustard and dill mayonnaise’

OXO Tower afternoon tea savoury plate

The sandwich plate contained five types of sandwiches:

  • ‘Severn and Wye smoked salmon and dill crème fraîche’ on black rye bread;
  • ‘English cucumber and anchovy’ on beetroot bread;
  • ‘Cotswold eggs and mustard cress salad’ on onion bread;
  • ‘Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese and orchard chutney’ on tomato bread;
  • and ‘Wiltshire ham, watercress and mustard’ on English farmhouse bread.

We were even able to get another plate of sandwiches afterwards, as we are monsters.

Afternoon tea sandwich plate

The other savoury plate consisted of ‘Dorset crab in a choux bun’, ‘Mini Yorkshire puddings with braised beef, watercress and horseradish cream’, ‘Scotch quail’s eggs’, and ‘Potted crayfish’ with some mini bread slices to dip into it.

Mini yorkshire puddings with braised beef, potted crayfish, Scotch quail's eggs and choux buns with Dorset crab

I have never before had an afternoon tea which had separate towers for both savoury and sweet courses, so I was very excited to be presented with a whole tower full of desserts next…

OXO Tower afternoon tea dessert plate

The first two tiers of the dessert plate contained ‘Penny’s homemade scones’ with clotted cream and jam, and they were absolutely perfect.

Penny's homemade scones Clotted cream and jam

The bottom tier had (in order of deliciousness) ‘Strawberry and lemon Verbena tart’, ‘Raspberry and elderflower posset’ and my favourite from the whole lot, the ‘Valhrona Biskelia truffle’, which was absolutely to die for. I’m glad it came in such a small portion, as I would have been in trouble otherwise.

Raspberry and elderflower posset, strawberry and lemon Verbena tart and Valhrona Biskelia truffle

To finish off, we had a sneaky americano each, which came in the most adorable cups.

Illy americano

All in all, we really enjoyed our afternoon tea at the OXO Tower Brasserie. It’s a little pricey but the presentation, quality and service was top-notch, so it is definitely worth it for a once-in-a-while treat.

I would be tempted to go back in the future, as they now have a new afternoon tea menu for the autumn, and I would love to try it 🙂

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