Tokyo: Akihabara

After our few days in Kyoto, we travelled back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen for the last leg of our trip. One evening just as it was getting dark, we got the subway to Akihabara, the Electronics District of Tokyo to make the most of the famous neon lights in the growing twilight…

Akihabara is an impressive and busy place, full of eye-gouging light and banners to look at everywhere. It is the place in Tokyo to cater to all your electronics, video game and anime needs – and we could see why!

Lit billboards and intersection People waiting to cross the road at Akihabara

We popped into a few of the shops and my flatmate and I were so tempted with a pink rice cooker. Seriously, where can you find one of those in the UK? Nowhere. Stupid luggage restrictions! My poor kitchen is groaning under the sheer amount of things within it as it is, so it’s probably for the best (dammit).

Lit buildings, road and bridge at Akihabara Cars driving under railway bridge

Walking along, there were girls dressed up as maids promoting maid cafés – apparently this is a thing here! We were tempted to go to one but chickened out…

Lit buildings at Akihabara Lit buildings and pachinko parlor People crossing road under railway bridge Busy road and buildings at Akihabara

Onoden is a huge electronics store in the area. I had to take a photo of the sign as it was so massive and bright.

Onoden sign

As you can see, it is a pretty awesome place. I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Lit buildings along main road at Akihabara

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