Tokyo Skytree at night

One evening after a busy day running around Tokyo, we headed over to the Tokyo Skytree near Asakusa to fully take in the twinkling lights of the city from way up high.

Tokyo Skytree is pretty new; having only been completed in 2012. It is a broadcasting and observation tower standing 634m tall and dominating the Tokyo skyline due to the fact that is the tallest structure in Tokyo (in fact, in the whole of Japan), and is the tallest tower in the world.

Whilst in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, you can pretty much use it as a compass, as it can be seen from almost anywhere – which very good for if you are prone to getting lost!

Tokyo Skytree seen from Asakusa

It has a couple of things in common with Tokyo Tower; it was designed by the same architectural firm, and is also used for the same purpose: tourism and broadcasting. In fact, it took over from Tokyo Tower as the main broadcasting site for the region.

As an observation tower, it provides amazing 360° views of Tokyo and the Sumida River from its two decks at 350m and 450m – and this is what we came to enjoy 🙂

Tokyo Skytree seen from the street

We had originally intended to visit Tokyo Skytree during the day but due to our schedule getting shifted, the fact that the weather wasn’t that great and the fact that I had already visited it in the daytime on my previous visit, we thought we’d see what it’d be like at night.

On the evening we went, the Skytree was lit up with blue lights; on alternate nights, the lights apparently change to purple. The light at the top was so bright, it reflected off the clouds above!

Tokyo Skytree at night

We arrived sometime between 7-8pm on a Friday night and it wasn’t busy at all which was awesome, as we were able to get our tickets and go up the tower straight away. A ticket to the ‘Main Deck’ which is 350m up, cost about ¥2000 each.

If you want to go higher to the ‘Tembo Deck’ which is 450m up (we didn’t this time), you will have to buy an additional ticket for about an additional ¥1000.

Tokyo Skytree sign

The journey up involves an ear-poppingly fast elevator, and then we were magically 350m above the city.

View from Tokyo Skytree

You are able to see Tokyo from all directions, and there are screens dotted around which point you in the direction of various landmarks and the ever elusive Mt. Fuji (of course there was no way on earth we were going to see it, seeing as it was both night time and cloudy!). Seeing Tokyo at night from that high up was magical.

View from Tokyo Skytree

At the bottom of the tower is Tokyo Skytree Town; an absolutely massive shopping centre and office complex – it’s a very confusing place and I have been a bit lost in there on multiple occasions now! It is an excellent place to buy souvenirs though 🙂

Tokyo Skytree is definitely a tourist trap, but it is a must-do if it’s your first time in Tokyo, as the views from all sides are absolutely breathtaking, day or night.

From my experience, going at night was great as it meant less queues, and you could see Tokyo in its lit-up glory. Next time I go (yes, there will be a next time), I’ll aim for it to be a clear sunny day – something I haven’t experienced yet from a Tokyo viewpoint!

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