Tokyo Tower

It was our first full day day in Tokyo after our flight and we were jetlagged up to the eyeballs – an eight hour time difference really messes with you! We wanted to do something not too taxing for our zombified state, so we headed off to Tokyo Tower to soak up some views of the city.

Tokyo Tower is located in the Minato ward of Tokyo and is a familiar sight within the Tokyo Skyline. You’ll probably recognise its shape, as it is effectively a red and white version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is where its inspiration came from. It was built to be used for TV broadcasting (it has an antenna within it) and also contains observation decks for tourists, along with a shopping centre at the bottom called ‘Foot Town’ (yes, we did find this funny).

We approached from Zōjō-ji (a Buddhist temple), which provides a wonderful contrast between old and new. It was a good spot to both take a look at the amazing temple, but also see Tokyo Tower from afar which, being in a very built up area, is pretty much impossible to do from anywhere else.

Zojo-ji temple and Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is an interesting thing to approach; you see it from far away and head towards it, but when you get closer it hides itself behind some tall buildings and you lose your bearings – then suddenly when you round another corner, there it is!

Tokyo Tower viewed from the road

At 333 metres tall (13 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower), it is the second tallest structure in Japan after Tokyo Skytree. Its distinctive colouring is to comply with aviation safety regulations, and it is repainted every 5 years.

Looking upwards at Tokyo Tower

You can really get the scale of the thing close up by looking at one of its massive legs (unknown person for scale).

Leg of Tokyo Tower

Having been first opened in 1958, it is Tokyo Tower’s 60th anniversary this year in 2018. In true Japan style, some cute mascots are there to celebrate the occasion.

Tokyo Tower 60th Anniverrsary

After getting our tickets, we made our way straight to the ‘Top Deck’ via a series of elevators. The space is filled with geometric mirrored walls and has fantastic 360° views of the city.

Tokyo Tower top deck Michelle on Tokyo Tower top deck

We then made our way to the lower ‘Main Deck’ to soak in some more views of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower main deck View from Tokyo Tower

I plucked up the courage to walk across the ‘skywalk window’ – I just didn’t look down whilst I was doing it 🙂

Tokyo Tower skywalk window

On our way out, we walked past the Mausoleum of Taitokuin, still within the grounds of the Zōjō-ji temple.

Mausoleum of Taitokuin with Tokyo Tower in the background

If you were to read my previous post about visiting Tokyo Tower from three years ago, you may be forgiven in thinking it was the same day, as the weather was exactly the same – grey and mild. This trip to the tower wasn’t during a whistlestop tour of the city in one day, so we actually got to enjoy it without feeling the need to rush off super quickly.

You shouldn’t need to book in advance (we didn’t), but you can buy tickets on the Tokyo Tower website if you feel you will be going in a busy season.

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